Today’s distributed workforce requires a private, flexible voice communication solution that doesn’t require giving your personal cell phone number to customers.  Now there is a cost effective solution for every business size that enables seamless movement from the office to the car, to home, to the airport, and around the world.

Our Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solution can be located either in your office or in the cloud.  Customers realize as much as an 80% cost savings over traditional phone company based solutions.


Small Company Budget,  Big Company Voice Solutions

Business voice technologies are central to your success in today’s competitive world.  What used to be exclusive to large corporations is now available to every size of business through flexible Voice-over-IP.  Boost productivity for the business on the go!

We have what your business needs:

  • Professional business telephone, voicemail, and automated attendant system
  • Mobile device connectivity over Wi-Fi, cellular, and the public Internet network
  • Improved employee collaboration
  • Enterprise-level performance and flexibility via Ethernet premises wiring
  • State-of-the-art management software
  • Cutting edge VoIP services combined with traditional analog lines, and cellular service, and Internet phone services
  • On premises or cloud-based solutions provide flexibility
  • Backup protection for all settings, recording, and voicemail
  • Managed and monitored solutions for maximum up time
  • Use Office 365, Google contacts or Internal Phonebook
  • Launch calls from your CRM
  • Work seamlessly as if you were in the office and save on call costs


Slash Telecom Costs

Traditional telephone costs center around how many phones you need and all those phone lines.  It’s time to break from the old desk phone paradigm and embrace a more cost effective mobile workforce strategy.

With our solution, remote employees on the go can call free of charge.  Easily add remote offices and work-from-home staff.  Improve communication and make inter-company phone calls free, no matter where the employees are physically located.

  • Decrease your phone bill up to 80%
  • Licensing based on number of simultaneous outbound calls and not extensions
  • Avoid per extension licensing and pay per PBX instead
  • Cost effective Internet call routing
  • Make free Inter-office calls and branch calls
  • Use prominent SIP trunks to reduce outbound call charges
  • Reduce travel expenses with integrated web conferencing
  • Eliminate 800 number phone bills with  WebRTC integration


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