Across many industries, video recording is a standard best practice.  Insurance carriers are starting to require the retention of surveillance video for at-risk businesses, like retail, manufacturing, and warehouse operations.  Today, access to real-time high-quality video and the capability to instantly share the video with law enforcement has become vital to business.


Protect your business.  Protect your employees.  Protect your customers.


Just having cameras on site to deter behavior or avoid potential loss is no longer enough.  We provide integrated surveillance solutions enabling 365/27/7 monitoring and retention, with video backup.

Elementary schools and day care facilities maintain cameras in common areas as a means to protect students and faculty, document behavior, provide classroom video access to parents while they work, and cut down on frivolous claims.

Automotive repair shops use video recording to document after hour vehicle drop offs, to watch the roll door area for tool theft and customers entering the premises, and document general security of the premises for insurance and law enforcement purposes.

Other businesses use surveillance solutions to monitor data centers, keep an eye on the employee parking lot, watch the loading dock, and assist with building security.


Surveillance Solutions

  • Megapixel IP or Analog cameras
  • Infrared, 180 & 360 degree pan, tilt, & zoom camera options
  • Advanced DVR systems with PoE injection
  • IP server-based systems
  • Remote access for real-time visibility
  • Easily share video (MPEG / JPEG)


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