Managed Services provide a higher level of workforce readiness and a faster response to overall employee technology needs.  Whether you need a complete outsourced technology support team or your internal IT team just needs supplementing, we offer affordable, fixed-budget technology management solutions without compromising on experience or quality of service.


Flat-rate managed IT makes budgeting easy while reducing unpredictable costs


Our flexible Managed Service Solutions can be tailored to provide:

  • Help desk support to maximize team productivity
  • Threat monitoring with spam and malware management
  • Management and monitoring of both servers and workstations
  • Mobile device management for today’s distributed workforce
  • Operating system and application updating
  • Server and workstation backup, redundancy, and disaster recovery management
  • Onsite Hardware and Software support
  • Customer specific technology life cycle plan development


With a flat-rate service model, our customers eliminate almost all unpredictable support labor costs.  We’ll create a customized support agreement that meets your specific technology requirements, and deliver best-in-class service for a predictable monthly fee.

Decision makers are provided early warning of coming issues impacting their network, servers, and workstations so they can plan ahead.  Planning for new projects, upgrades, and business expansion can be accomplished with greater budget confidence.


We create peace-of-mind for business managers and provide greater confidence in the tools and technologies all employees use on a daily basis


A properly managed enterprise is less disruptive to the business, has fewer technical issues and less employee downtime, and is generally cheaper year-over-year than the traditional break-fix support model.  Your organization receives knowledgeable, professional support without being nickeled and dimed for every support issue.

It simply takes less time and effort to maintain technology than it does to fix it when things break.


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