“Teachers need great tools, not necessarily technology.”

Mike Acton, Co-founder, ITDR Business Solutions


It sounds counterintuitive coming from a computer company, but technology isn’t always the answer to the problem.

Sure, technology can make some tasks much easier, but the wrong technology choices often rob educators of time needed for their students.

Finding solutions that put time back into your life is our commitment to you.



You talk; we listen.  We’re great listeners.

When it’s our turn, expect us to ask lots of qualifying questions.  We’ll describe multiple paths to a solution and explain our thinking in whatever detail you want without the technobabble.

We think about the big picture.

Outcomes – Efficiency – Time Savings.

We imagine real impacts on everyone from the student to the superintendent.  We understand your 180-day schedule that straddles two calendar years, with weekly PLC time, yard duty, parent conferences, open houses, science fairs, and the occasional in-service.

We really do get it!

We live this life with you as spouses of educators, parents, and as the main support provider for the technology solutions in many public, private, and charter schools.



No obligation;  FREE advice, consulting, and sounding board!

  • What keeps you up at night?
  • What causes you grief every day?
  • What technologies are broken or ineffective?
  • What are your educational goals; staffing goals; professional development goals; technology goals?
  • And what’s going to make your life easier?

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