How many days can you be down?

Every business owner, school principal, and every employee will answer this question the same way – ZERO!

But eliminating 100% of the risks to your business or school is impossible, no matter what you’re told.  Technology changes constantly and the hackers are determined to exploit every weakness.


According to CIO Magazine, the #1 & #2 biggest risks to your business are the human beings you employ.1  More often than not the risks come from employees unintentionally compromising your company’s security.


So what can you do?  Call I.T. Done Right (480) 319-4242 to come in and devise a comprehensive, multi-layered risk management solution for your unique needs.  The initial consultation is completely FREE.

We’ve seen a lot of scenarios.  From no control over employee computers, data backups, or critical systems, to the “iron fist” approach where everything is locked down tight.  Too much control impedes success and causes good people to leave, so we’ll help you find the right balance.

Your ROI is realized through increased productivity, lower risk, happier staff, and smarter use of technology.


In 2016 USA Today described data breaches, ransom-ware, and browser plug-ins as the top technology threats.2  Each risk is enabled unintentionally by actions or inaction of your own staff.


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