The organization has grown, which is great, and the technology being used has gotten more complex too.  Laptops and tablet computers are seemingly everywhere.  Company data lives in the cloud and on every executive’s smartphone.  Your CRM server has been periodically screeching loud enough that employees hear it in the hall.

How do you manage all the devices and securely protect the company’s intellectual property?

Adding more I.T. staff might be too expensive after Prop 206 mandated salaries, sick leave, and benefits are factored into the cost.  Plus, employees only work 40-hours per week and you need flexible coverage 24-hour a day, 365 days a year.

We have the cost effective solution to these and many other growing pains.  Whatever predicament you find your business in, I.T. Done Right can help you back onto the path of success.


Business Solutions

The Professionally Managed Enterprise

Managed solutions provide a cost effective path to maximize the life of capital equipment without adding technical staff.

Troubleshooting and Data Recovery Solutions

Microsoft Windows Server and Cloud Hosted Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 and Software Support Solutions

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Solutions

You and your roaming employees can have a business extension right on your cell phone for the professional, integrated big company feel to customers.  Additionally, ring groups and private business voicemail are options.

Network Design, Setup, and Troubleshooting

Mobile Device Management and Protection

Do you have a service business with employees taking your devices and data with them to customers?  Theft from a vehicle and lost devices are big risks to home-based service businesses.

Surveillance Solutions

Some industries require video recording and retention 24-hours a day as a deterrent and to reduce insurance costs.

Website Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • SEO Clean-up
  • SEO Tuning
  • Website Redesign


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