Real Scenario 1 – Your customer is staring you in the face.  Your credit card machine isn’t working because the Internet connection went down again.  And here comes another customer wanting to pay.

Real Scenario 2 – Your shop was broken into last night. In less than 5-minutes, all your computers were stolen with your data. Customer records, banking data, product photographs, everything you created and your password list – gone.

Real Scenario 3 – The employee you just fired was able to remote back into his work computer and wipe out everything important he had ever created for your business.

…and the list goes on.  Today, technology keeps the doors open but exposes the business to many unimaginable risks.

No business gets a free pass from malicious employees, hackers, ransomware, viruses, or going without backups and routine maintenance.   We’ve solved these problems for lots of businesses and can minimize the risk to your business too.


Small business owners trust us as their I.T. department

Protect SMB Managed Security

We designed a solution specifically to give our small business customers the exact same products and services our large customer get at an affordable price-point.  With our  Protect SMB Managed Security  package you receive all the same defenses, monitoring, and maintenance that large companies routinely enjoy.

Troubleshooting and Data Recovery Solutions

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Solutions

You and your roaming employees can have a business extension right on your cell phone for the professional, integrated big company feel to customers.  Additionally, ring groups and private business voicemail are options.

Microsoft Windows Server and Cloud Hosted Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 and Software Support Solutions

Surveillance Solutions

Some industries require video recording and retention 24-hours a day as a deterrent and to reduce insurance costs.

Network Design, Setup, and Troubleshooting

Mobile Device Management and Protection

Do you have a service business with employees taking your devices and data with them to customers?  Theft from a vehicle and lost devices are big risks to home-based service businesses.

Business Name Labeled Internet Solutions

  • Private Domain
  • Private Email
  • Public Website

Website Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • SEO Clean-up
  • SEO Tuning
  • Website Redesign


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