Corporate Information Technology Managers need relationships with outside experts who can provide skills and knowledge that complements their existing staff.  We’ve provided consulting and tactical troubleshooting to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, as well as the largest school districts from coast to coast.

Every I.T. Department is constantly reacting to evolving threats and keeping the workforce running.  Sometimes this translates into being habitually behind routine maintenance and software roll-outs, and other times it means the staff simply can’t focus on the big-ticket items that enable the company to grow faster.

We provide services at both ends of the support spectrum for larger customers.  From holistic “big picture” systems troubleshooting and network analysis at one end of the spectrum to routine desktop support at the other.

Knowing who you can trust for accurate advice and guidance is important.  Let us integrate into your team for a better level of overall support to your workforce.


I.T. Done Right can help

Managed Enterprise Help Desk

Managed help desk solutions provide a quicker response to your workforce for routine technical support while also managing the lifecycle of capital equipment.

Microsoft Windows Server and Cloud Hosted Solutions

Network Troubleshooting and Wi-Fi Re-design

General Troubleshooting and Data Recovery Solutions

Mobile Device Management and Protection

Control over capital equipment and group policy tuning have become critical to the overall digital resilience of the enterprise.  Protecting intellectual property and competitive business intelligence is challenging when data lives on desktops, laptops, tablet computers and smartphones.

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Solutions
Surveillance Solutions

Some industries require video recording and retention 24-hours a day as a deterrent and to reduce insurance costs.


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