Education is our Passion

Every vendor says education is their passion, so why should we trust I.T. Done Right?


Mike Acton and Joey Sawyer founded this company with the intent to educate and empower their customers.  Neither founder believes in the traditional computer widget sales model.  Instead, we focus on informing customers about all their options and providing personalized, solution-driven, outcome-based, consistent and repeatable products and services.

Education is not only the cornerstone of our business but it has been a fundamental touchstone throughout each of our founder’s lives.




Both of our founders have been providing education-specific technology solutions their entire careers.

  • In fact, Mr. Acton’s tenure dates back to the 1980s and good old Apple II systems, the fixture of education technology for almost 20-years.  Servicing large public school districts, like Los Angeles Unified School District, and smaller public districts, private charter schools, Christian, and Jewish schools, Mr. Acton brings a wealth of experience from his former California life.
  • Mr. Sawyer began his career implementing and managing the technology infrastructure for Hamilton High School in the Chandler Unified School District when it opened in 1998.  He and a fellow student installed, configured, and maintained all the networking equipment, servers, workstations and computer labs throughout the new campus.


Both of our founders worked for Pearson Education, solving poorly implemented technology solutions for the largest school districts across the nation.

  • Mr. Acton spent almost 10-years at Pearson, having a major impact on product brands such as QuickReads, Waterford Early Learning, SuccessMaker Enterprise, and iLit.  He exited the company as Senior Business Analyst for the SuccessMaker brand after helping school districts across the nation, including the New York City Department of Education, Miami-Dade Public Schools, Clark County School District, Dallas ISD, Chicago Public Schools, and many others.
  • Mr. Sawyer spent two and a half years at Pearson before leaving to become the technology director at a local charter school.  His impact was felt on product brands like NovaNet, SuccessNet, SuccessMaker, and many of the online book products.




Both of our founders are married to current educators.

  • Mr. Sawyer’s wife Marcie owns Little Einstein Preschool with locations in Mesa and Apache Junction.  The facilities are high tech, and not only act as a feeder to both public and private elementary education but as afterschool care for K8 families.
  • Mr. Acton’s wife Aimée is a career educator certificated in California, Colorado, and Arizona, and currently teaches middle school math at Poston Junior High in Mesa Unified School District.  During her 30-year career, she’s taught first, third, and fourth grades, adult ed, special ed, criminal courts schools, general education,  computers & technology, and was a charter school principal here in AZ.


Both of our founders have current or former educators in the extended family.

  • Mr. Acton’s mother was an early childhood educator for 20-years, and his father and sister each taught music.  His brother will be retiring summer of 2018 after 37-years teaching high school math in California.
  • Mr. Sawyer’s mother-in-law and father-in-law have each played important roles in education, one as an early childhood educator and the other as part of the Chandler Police Department D.A.R.E. program.
  • Mr. Acton’s goddaughter recently graduated from the University of Arizona College of Education with a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and works for the Tempe Elementary School District as a school psychologist.


Both of our founders have children in the Arizona education system.

  • Mr. Sawyer has two in high school in the Chandler Unified School District and one in a local charter school.
  • Mr. Acton’s eldest graduated from Dobson High in Mesa ISD, attended Mesa Community College and is now in the workforce in Washington State.  His other young adult graduated from Chandler High and is on a full ride scholarship at ASU.


Both of our founders are fathers of special needs kids.

  • Each has experience with the IEP and 504 processes and advocating within the school system to receive appropriate accommodations.
  • Mr. Acton brings experience fighting for his kids in three states – California, Colorado, and Arizona – something one would think should be a uniform federally mandated process, and it isn’t.
  • Each family has endured unique challenges with educating their children due to conditions like open heart surgery, hearing loss, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • Both Mr. Acton and Mr. Sawyer have learned enough ASL to make a difference in their kid’s lives.




Both of our founders have delivered training and professional education.

  • Mr. Acton has been crafting and delivering targeted training to business professionals for more than 30-years.  While at Pearson, he was responsible for employee professional development for product brands he was associated and was frequently called upon to guide customers through the nuances of educational products, reporting, and efficacy.
  • Mr. Sawyer has been instrumental in delivering lunch-n-learn seminars, how-to classes, product training, and a variety of classroom-based education.
  • Mr. Acton and Mr. Sawyer are both hands-on kinesthetic and spatial learners.  However, each will employ whatever learning styles and modality necessary to be most effective when imparting their understandings.




Why trust I.T. Done Right?  Because educating people is not just a passion, it’s a belief system, a method for conducting business, and a way of life.  We as a company leverage the experiences of our founders to create solutions that make sense for students, educators, staff, and administration.


I.T. Done Right – as in done right the first time.


Throughout their careers, Joey and Mike have cleaned up after countless large-scale technology deployments and some of the worst technology implementation planing imaginable.  These unnecessary and avoidable mistakes resulted in tens-of-millions of dollars in re-engineering and lost productivity for both the customers and the hapless vendors.

ITDR Business Solutions – I.T. Done Right – provides only best-of-class solutions using proven, consistent, and repeatable practices at the highest standards of quality, even if that means slower growth for the company.  Compromising quality, customer satisfaction, or damaging a long-term relationship is never an option.

To benefit from this legacy of excellence, call (480) 319-4242 today and schedule a no-obligation, completely free consultation with either of our founders.